Interesting Facts About Indian Railways:Static GK For All Competitive Exams - Kannada Exam

Interesting Facts About Indian Railways:Static GK For All Competitive Exams

  • Railways were first introduced to India in the year 1853 from Mumbai to Thane.
  • Indian Railways Nationalised in 1951.
  • The country’s first railway, built by the Great Indian Peninsula Railway
  • The Indian railway system is the largest in Asia and fourth in the world based on rail transport network size after USA, China and Russia.
  • It is the biggest employer in the world and the largest single undertaking in the country.
  • It has the second biggest electrified system in the world after Russia
  • Indian Railways is divided into 16 zones.which are further sub-divided into 68 divisions.
  • Each zone is headed by a general manager.
  • The first train in India – Mumbai to Thane, With 400 passengers, this train completed its journey of 34 km with the help of three engines–Sahib, Sindh, and Sultan.
  • Father of Indian Railway – Lord Dalhousie
  • Fastest train – The Bhopal Shatabdi Express,1988, between Agra and New Delhi.
  • Slowest train in India- Nilgiri Express, between Chennai and Mettupalayam.
  • First electric train – Deccan Queen, 1931, connects Mumbai with Pune.
  • The first double-decker train – Shatabdi train was flagged off in October 2011.
  • First air-conditioned double-decker train – Shatabdi train will run from Mumbai to Goa.
  • First underground railway (Metro Railway) – Kolkata Metro(1984)
  • Largest Zone in Indian Railways – Northern Railway.
  • A platform surrounded by rail lines from all the four sides – Island platform
  • First railway station – Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station in Mumbai.
  • Longest running train -Vivek Express. It runs from Dibrugarh in upper Assam to Kanyakumari at the southern tip of Tamil Nadu.
  • Longest railway platform –Gorakhpur railway station, Uttar Pradesh
  • First A.C. train between Bombay and Baroda started – 1936
  • First broad gauge super fast train – Rajdhani express new Delhi Howrah 1stmarch 1969
  • First-meter gauge super fast train – pink city express new Delhi Jaipur 17thoct 1981
  • First narrow-gauge super fast train – Shivalik deluxe express Kalka – Shimla 9thaug 1996
  • First-time table 1853 central India
  • The first stamp on Indian railways 4 annas 10thdec 1936 by king George
  • First ac train Mumbai and Baroda 1936
  • First automatic signaling system 1928
  • First railway bookstall – 1877 Allahabad wheeler & co ltd
  • First wagon in India 1920 Jessop & co., Kolkata
  • First vestibuled train 1stjune 1930, Deccan queen
  • World’s first double-decker train – 1862 bb&cir
  • First railway tunnel of Indian railway -Parsik tunnel
  • First rail minister after independence – John Mathai and before independence Asif Ali
  • Countries there is no railway line – Lebanon, Mauritius reunion, Libya, Argentina, Afghanistan, Papua, New Guinea
  • Trains that have placed in Guinness Book -Darjeeling Toy Train, Nilgiri Mountain Train Simla Toy Train, Mathenron Toy Train, Place on wheels Royal Orient, Buddha circular Express, Fairy Queen.
  • Satpura Express numerical name 10001/10002 – run between Jabalpur and Balaghat
  • Longest train -Prayagraj Express (26 Coaches, New Delhi–Allahabad)
  • Highest Railway station in India – Similiguda (996.08 mt from sea level in the Valtair division of Southern–Eastern Railway)
  • Highest river bridge manufactured under Konkan Railway – Panval River Rail bridge (64 mt. high)
  • Division that has maximum number of tunnels – Kalka Simla division of Northern Railway (103 tunnels)
  • Longest railway bridge of Indian railway – Railway bridge in Kerala near Kochchi joins Idapalli to Vallerpadma (Length 4.62 km)
  • Last railway station of Northern Railway and Indian Railway – Bajalta
  • Indian state has maximum rail routes – Uttar Pradesh
  • Himsagar Express passes through – 11 States(Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Kerala)
  • The railway station that has all the three rails -Dumdum Railway station (EMU rail service circular Railway and Metro Railway)
  • The railway station has the smallest name from the English alphabets -IB (Between Howrah–Nagpur)
  • The railway station has the longest name – Venkatanarsimharajuvaripeta (Tamilnadu)
  • The first female operator in Delhi Metro – Minakshi Sharma.
  • The first female to become the member of Railway Board – Vijaylaxmi Vishwanatha
  • Longest platform situated – Khadagpur (West Bengal)
  • Train only for women run – From Churchgate to Boriwali in Mumbai
  • Metro Rail in Calcutta – 1984
  • Railway week celebrated on 10–16April.
  • 19 Railway Recruitment Boards are there in India
  • First tourist rail – Palace on wheels in 1982 between Delhi–Jaipur
  • Railway accident in the history of Indian Railway occurred in Morghat (Pure–Bombay root) on 5 January 1869
  • Longest rail route in India – from Dibrugarh (Assam) To Kanyakumari
  • The first monorail operates in India – From Sarhind to Alampur and Bhawani mandi to Patiala
  • India’s first indigenous steam engine – F–734
  • First longest railway tunnel situated between Monkey hill and Khandala (2100 mt)
  • First telecommunication between guard and driver – Mumbai–New Delhi (Rajdhani Express)
  • First Rajdhani Express ran between New Delhi–Howrah, 1969
  • First DC electrical rail engine – Lokmanya (CLW manufactured it in 1961)
  • First computer reservation system starts in New Delhi, 2002
  • Biggest railway yard located in India-Itarasi (Madhya Pradesh)
  • Southern Eastern Railway is known as ‘Blue chip’
  • Metroman – Shridharan (Delhi Metro Rail Engineers)
  • First Duranto Express ran between Sialdah and New Delhi 18 September 2009
  • Numbers of Indian railway used to be of 5 Digits from 20 December 2010
  • Busiest railway station in Indian-Lucknow (64 Trains every day).
  • First railway factory established in Jamalpur, 1890
  • A train runs between India and Pakistan – Samjhauta Express, Thar Express

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